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Infinity Forensics delivers investigation for the electronic evidence fraud, identity theft, defamation, copyright, gambling, corporate fraud, anti-spamming, divorcee matrimony. Infinity Forensics is your need for litigation and investigation with minimal risk, cost and disruptions to your business.

Accidental/planned destruction of data, hardware failure or cyber attack can happen anytime and organization may be called upon respond, investigation and escalate the analysis to a formal investigation. Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computer and digital storage mediums. It defines as preservation, identification, extraction, documentation and interpretation of computer media for evidentiary and/or root cause analysis.

Infinity Forensics consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience of grappling with all current and emerging threat areas. Clients also benefit from the way our services are closely integrated, with intelligence shared quickly between different service areas of our organization.

For example when an employee resigns, it is not always possible to know immediately whether the employee presents an unfair competitive threat. It may be a few weeks before an employer learns that the former employee engaged in misconduct.  Employee can easily involve in Intellectual Property Theft, Fraud, Computer or Internet Misuse, Bullying or Harassment, stealing or destroying valuable information

Our methodology includes:

Incident Identification and Assessment:

This involves investigation of the suspected systems to determine if a compromise has occurred. Careful attention is given to the preservation of evidence chains and where possible all examinations are performed

Recovery of evidence:

We use FTK Access Data imaging software to take a forensically sound image of any disks on affected systems. We also take forensic images of volatile data which are key in identifying who, what, why, when, where and how the incident occurred.

Data Recovery

Infinity Forensics Data Recovery Service includes of recover data, photos & video from physically-damaged hardware, computers, servers, USB flash drives, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Smart Phone, internet phones and media devices that have stopped working or been accidentally or deliberately deleted.

Infinity Forensics Data Recovery specialist will take several careful steps to identify and attempt to retrieve possible data that may exist on a subject computer system:

Protects the subject computer system during the recovery examination from any possible alteration, damage, data corruption, or virus introduction.

Discovers all files on the subject system. This includes existing normal files, deleted yet remaining files, hidden files, password-protected files, and encrypted files.

Recovers all (or as much as possible) of discovered deleted files

Reveals (to the extent possible) the contents of hidden files as well as temporary or swap files used by both the application programs and the operating system.

Access (if possible and if legally appropriate) the contents of protected or encrypted files

Analyzes all possibly relevant data found in special (and typically inaccessible) areas of a disk. This includes but is not limited to what is called 'unallocated' space on a disk (currently unused, but possibly the repository of previous data that is relevant evidence), as well as 'slack' space in a file (the remnant area at the end of a file, in the last assigned disk cluster, that is unused by current file data, but once again may be a possible site for previously created and relevant evidence).

Prints out an overall analysis of the subject computer system, as well as a listing of all possibly relevant files and discovered file data. Further, provides an opinion of the system layout, the file structures discovered, any discovered data and authorship information, any attempts to hide, delete, protect, encrypt information, and anything else that has been discovered and appears to be relevant to the overall computer system examination. 

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Mobile Forensics

Infinity Forensics can recover live and deleted data from mobile phone handsets and SIM cards. Infinity Forensics can forensically recover all viewable data stored on the handset and SIM card using specialist forensic hardware and software. Our investigations are conducted in a shielding unit to prevent the mobile phone from connecting to the network ensuring no data is altered during the examination.

Infinity Forensics converts all phone specific media (such as deleted incoming, outgoing, missed call history – SMS/MMS/Email, Internet history, instant messaging deleted message recovery , WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, videos and recordings) into a format view-able on any personal computer. We provide a detailed printout and compact disk containing the data. A forensics report also provided for court purposes.


Modern litigation places organizations at potential legal, financial and publicity risk if disclosure is not fully and correctly provided. Failure to comply with eDiscovery rules can be costly.

Infinity Forensics offers corporations litigation readiness programs, which are designed to reduce enterprise risk while improving the daily flow and management of critical information. Our team of internationally recognized e-discovery professionals have diverse backgrounds that include experience in law firms, major corporations and top technology and consulting firms. We can help you carry out a defensible and robust process for e-discovery that focuses not only on the technical tools, but also on the policies and procedures that support the process. We assist our clients in rapidly reducing large data sets to case relevant information which can be reviewed and produced in a structured manner.

Intellectual Property Theft

Infinity Forensics were asked to undertake a computer forensics investigation on a number of computers, laptops and mobile phones following the departure of 5 company employee from a large organisation. The departing had set up a rival business and the large organisation had noticed a distinct decline in trading activity. Infinity Forensics was able to prove that the departing employee had copied customer lists, supplier details including pricing and other important internal company information. Following the forensic investigation the large corporate were able to attain a court injunction to ensure the opposing company ceased trading pending a damages case.

Corporate Fraud

When an employee exits a company, it is essential to identify and preserve critical information that the employee possessed before it is lost forever, and to ensure that no sensitive data walked out of the door with the former employee. A financial services institution suspected a senior executive of submitting false expense reports.  Not only did Infinity Forensics provides irrefutable proof of the executive’s substantial expense account fraud, but was also able to provide proof that the executive routinely spent hours each day surfing work inappropriate websites.


Divorce - Hidden Assets

Investigations in family law or divorce cases include a vast array of issues that must be resolved; they key issues being financial responsibility.  In many cases, a spouse will attempt to hide assets in order to avoid relinquishing those assets in a divorce settlement. Through an in depth computer forensic investigation, hidden assets can often be discovered. In a divorce case, any incriminating evidence is most likely located on a mobile device - a smart phone, laptop or tablet (iPad). Digital forensic can recover, evidence of undisclosed bank accounts, credit cards, investments, property and other assets can often be recovered and used as evidence in a divorce case. 

Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics / Voice Investigation is analysing, and evaluation of sound recordings that may ultimately be presented as admissible evidence in a court of law. Establishing the authenticity of audio evidence & performing enhancement of audio recordings to improve speech intelligibility and the audibility of low-level sounds & interpreting and documenting sonic evidence, such as identifying talkers, transcribing dialog, and reconstructing crime or accident scenes and timelines.

Video Forensics

Video Forensic Analysis / Video Image Investigation is the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. Some of the examples as: perform clarification techniques such as frame averaging, highlight someone or something of interest in the video, enlarge portions of the video for areas of interest, image stabilization stabilizes unstable or shaky video, color correction tools are used to analyze and correct poor lighting and compensate for camera dome filters to recover the accurate colors of the scene, clarify dark and poor quality security and surveillance footage.

Why Infinity Forensics ?

Why Infinity Forensics (Private) Limited?

Infinity Forensics has a comprehensive range of computer forensics services to help organizations, and key individuals within those organizations, make informed decisions and mitigate potential electronic evidence risks. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and ways of working that are second to none. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tools required. Computer forensics has become increasingly important as fraud, financial irregularities, employee misconduct and commercial disputes threaten company finances and reputations while creating serious regulatory risks.

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, Infinity Forensics’s computer forensics specialists enable the recovery and use of critical electronic whether evidence has been erased or modified for litigation, investigations, audits and other fact-finding exercises.

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