Digital Fraud Investigation

The definition of what constitutes computer fraud becomes ever more complex with the ingenuity of people who intend to deceive, misrepresent, destroy, steal information, or cause harm to others by accessing information through deceptive and illegal means.

  • Emails requesting money in return for “small deposits.”
  • Pyramid schemes or investment schemes via computer with the intent to take and use someone else’s money.
  • Emails attempting to gather personal information to be used to access and use credit cards or Social Security numbers.
  • Using someone else’s computer to access personal information with the intent to use such fraudulently.
  • Using the computer to solicit minors into sexual alliances.
  • Violating copyright laws by copying information with the intent to sell it.
  • Hacking into computer systems to gather large amounts of information for illegal purposes.
  • Hacking into or illegally using a computer to change information, such as grades, work reports, etc.
  • Sending computer viruses or worms with the intent to destroy or ruin someone else’s computer.