Corporate Computer Investigation

A cyber security incident can be in the form of an intrusion from the outside or from a disgruntled employee stealing your trade secrets inside your network. The problem facing management is how to determine where the data went, who is responsible and how to mitigate further risks and loss. 

In order to effectively combat incidents in today's electronically interconnected world, a company must be able to move seamlessly among many technology platforms like employee laptop, desktop, mobile phone and social media.

When an employee exits a company, it is essential to identify and preserve critical information that the employee possessed before it is lost forever, and to ensure that no sensitive data walked out of the door with the former employee.

Infinity Forensics Private Limited provides extensive expertise in all areas of cyber security, technology, high-tech digital investigations and litigation support. Our experts at Infinity Forensics can provide immediate cyber security incident response and expert analysis to any crisis or situation facing corporations today. From internal or external theft of proprietary corporate information, to pro-actively conducting internal audits of a company network systems.